Falling through the ground

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Sorry if this is the wrong place.
I just teleported from West Arch to City of the Lost on my Black Raptor mount, and stepped off the ramp only to continuously fall into an endless abyss of grey. I did not get a screenshot of the incident because I was so freaked out I just logged out hoping that it would reset me. Luckily it did
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    yeah, it's one of the bugs they introduced a while back. Now the client doesn't load the textures properly all the time, and if it happens to be a ground texture... well you get the idea.

    ETA to time of repair.... Never.
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    Yeah, the "best" solution is to turn down your textures one notch in the game's system settings. It's better than it was some weeks ago, at least. And some months ago, you couldn't really ride out of Archosaur without falling into the ground.

    So, yeah. I think it's fixing itself, as they change other things. Don't hold your breath for them to actually work on fixing it.

    Here's the list of things I found that can help (try them in order):

    * If you're mounted, try to dismount.
    * If you're female, have someone embrace you.
    * If you're able to dismount and it doesn't resolve itself (or aren't mounted), try to fly.
    * Futz with the texture settings in-game and hope that you don't end up stuck inside the ground.
    * Town tele.
    * Have someone PK you if you're outside SZ and tele's cooling down and you have no tele stones/incense. (Probably easier on a PvP server, but I'm sure that PvE servers would be glad to give a mercy kill, too! b:chuckle)
    * Return to character select screen and select your character again.

    If none of that works, then you get to be inventive. b:sad
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    Thank you both so much I will definitely do these things