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Rip Barb



  • SteelStar - Heavens TearSteelStar - Heavens Tear Posts: 469 Arc User
    edited December 2011
    My barb eats every class for breakfast including other barbs! b:victory
    It's a game and I'm proud to be a stupid fail demon barb!
    My EPIC Fail Demon Barb has 40k/48k HP and my stat points are as follows:
    VIT 552 STR 310 DEX 60! b:surrender
  • Niteshadows - HarshlandsNiteshadows - Harshlands Posts: 583 Arc User
    edited December 2011
    ijs, but back on topic a good barb can r4pe a sin his lvl.
    Do you hate me? Good, that makes for an adequate conversation starter.
  • Kolydescope - Heavens TearKolydescope - Heavens Tear Posts: 41 Arc User
    edited December 2011
    Well that about sums it all up. The worst part is, many sins don't believe a barb can tank nirvy, so they pay barbs and clerics 150k for their keys. When the fact is I run 10 nirvy's a day, and most sins (with or without aps) can't take aggro at any time. Sage Flesh Ream + sage axe/hammer mastery + sage true form + beast kings + titans + shape shifting intensity + beastial rage (to rebuild chi) = a tanked nirvana. Slower than most nirvy runs, but it's for REAL barbs, and REAL players. Not for the APS boutique player who can afford to pour $300 per week cos of a trust fund mom and dad gave them at their barmitzvah.

  • CrusherJam - DreamweaverCrusherJam - Dreamweaver Posts: 550 Arc User
    edited December 2011
    Wolf Sage Barb FTW. :-)
    19k Hp and rising my goal is 20k unbuffed (would love 25k )
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