new expansion bringing balance

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GM new expansion bringing balance.

ME omg really the dev are rebalancing the old races

GM the dev think old classes suffered long enough and cos of the qq of the fishies from our try to rebalance chi sparking we have decided to give back the power of the old classes.

ME me yaaaay but how u fixing this

GM easy 1st we let all skill work in open pk then we bring 4 new skills and then we decided we dont need the fishies and are just gona boot them from the server.

ME OMG OMG omg yaaaay evil smiles and what of the bm who wish to play fisheis and barb and archer AND omg all ather who might wish to fallow that way to pwn.

GM we decided once new expansion come out in four week we release a small patch but one wish only give spark damage and chi when u use a skill no more spark auto attack.
we hade fun watch as player was using this metod and we decided we didnt like how where neglecting the skills.

ME omg omg devs DO listen to the player ty GM for letting the player base win this day.



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