Log in IP address removed?

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Basically what the title asks.
I know they put it in at one point that the time, date, and IP address would be displayed on your screen of your last log in every time you log in. Was that taken out recently? I tried logging in a couple time to see if it was just a glitch or something, but I haven't seen anything else mentioned about it in the forums or in game. Am I the only one with this or did I miss something? Thanks!
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    there was a thread on this a few days ago.............. *cough*

    It was removed cause peope didn't like it being shown (in case they got **** or w/e the person could easily get your IP lolololol). If they've already got in your pc knowign to target YOU, they prolyl already have your IP, like any web site does or anything you do online.... but w/e.

    It still wasn't needed. The GM's can see the IP's the account's logged on with. Whether you know or not the "hacker's" IP address wont' speed things up getting your toon back or whatever.