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Hello Boys and Girls,

To help keep your PWE account, your personal, and financial data safe and out of hackers/spammers/farmers/phishers greedy little stinky mouse clicks, you should heed the following advice:

1) Make your passwords UNIQUE (not something that you have used anywhere else, ever). Each account for any game or website should ALWAYS BE DIFFERENT. That way if a list of game accounts is **** from another company's games, that same info can not be used to compromise your account.

2) Use at least 10-14 characters in your password. Mix up letters and numbers. Use capital letters and some English font based symbols if you want.

3) Do not share your account information with anyone. Not your spouse, louse, house, mouse, cat, dog, best friend, best friend's roommate's girlfriend's parakeet, and especially not your little brother.

4) Change your password every 3-6 weeks.

Advice on choosing passwords:

Microsoft's password checker:
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