Trust ?

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I just wonderd

Promotion Sales got more Expensive
Charging Zen cost now ~20% more
PEW Shut down 2 Titles
It is hard to reach Support, Tickets stay unawnserd the Support Webpage dosnt work for the most of us.

The reason i previously spend monney on PWI was because i believe that game is here to stay for a long long time or to say so at least more than 3 years from now on and get continously new Content and raised level caps.

But with the current actions from PWE it is hard to keep believing it. Lets compare to other mmorpgs that are around since 2003 and still running. Yes they not profitable anymore they barely fund the running costs BUT they arn't causing costs. OFC support for those games is near non existent and new content wont come anymore but they still running. Thats what i expect form a mmorpg. Shutting titles down like hotk where it was possible to leave one server , one final patch and cut support to keep it alive is the worst.

You as a company shoot yourself in the foot right now. I still enjoy pwi, i really do but with the recent changes i have a hard feeling to put any monney inside anymore. Its a sad thing, i didnt mind and i loved to support the game but i expected in return the safety that i can still loggin pwi in 2 years or more. PWE is some kind of Brand you publish titles under, people who got burned by closing down games will AVOID this brand in the future. Not all but the most and all above the heavy CS'er.

It wont matter how cool a game is, if its published under PEW they will probably avoid it and not even try it out because they have bad expiriences and are afraid the game will shut down after they spend a good fortune to gear up. How long was HOTK around ? It wasn't that long not even 2 years.

my trust is gone
PWE do something to regain it b:cry
I hate Room 38