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I got Nightspike Crystal from rider pack and making the exchange and lost from NPC

gembelgembel Posts: 20 Arc User
edited August 2011 in Support Desk
Hii.. I buy a Rider Pack and i got NIGHTSPIKE CRYSTAL ..going to change to get reward from NPC Tsunami Army Messenger for the RING SKY COVER.. but i didn't receive the ring SKY COVER in return... please guys any idea ?? thanks..
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  • Jellytoast - SanctuaryJellytoast - Sanctuary Posts: 1,295 Arc User
    edited June 2011
    It's only a % chance. With one pack, you only have a 25% chance I believe to get the ring. I just think it's a waste of money because there is no amount of crystals that give you 100%. >.<
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  • Heleghir - Raging TideHeleghir - Raging Tide Posts: 241 Arc User
    edited June 2011
    25 xtals = 9% chance, 200 xtals = 80% chance, nothing wrong happened, u just didn't look at why there were multiple recipes for making
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  • Parrty - Raging TideParrty - Raging Tide Posts: 5 Arc User
    edited June 2011
    k this is your second thread now and u got two same answers as your last thread...BELEIVE THEM! your not seeing your crystals anymore pal!!b:bye
  • dexodrilldexodrill Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited June 2011
    Yea Unfortunatly its Not 100% if u look it up on the PWI Database site it has the Percent chances, dont feel bad that u lost it tho, Iv heard of many players trying with large numbers of crystals and still failing everytime... Lucks a big part>< (dont ask me to try cas I have no luck xD Although im sure u wouldent want me to anyways)

    But I wish you good luck on Your next try ^^ b:victory
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