Semi-Suspended account?

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I've been inactive for sometime between 2 and 3 months now. I've lost internet at home for the time being. I've been able to access my account via the forums here and post when I use the library's internet. I'm finally able to take my computer to someplace I can access wi-fi and wanted to check up on the game. However, when I log on, all my characters are missing. It's not the glitch where they don't show at times. I relogged the client a few times, accessed my other accounts and even made a new toon on my this account to make sure I wasn't having a major glitch. Sure enough, all my older toons on my accounts are missing, however they're still here on the forums and on Core Connect, so they weren't deleted by a hacker. I tried to access the customer support on the main website, but it's telling me I'm not registered, even though I'm logged into my account. GM help pleaseb:cry
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