Change evasion to crit resist

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It's pretty useless unless you're fighting a pure str bm, which there is almost none of nowadays. Crit resist would help more.
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    This makes no sense.

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    This would be catastrophic to all LA users, because it helps them so much in PvE. You can't change one part of the game without affecting others.
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    They could add better sources of evasion. Right now there are +50% accuracy rings and skills like Demon Bloodbath that give +300% accuracy and sage fox form which gives +250% accuracy. Meanwhile demon wings of protection gives +40% evasion, a buff that's smaller than any level 10 PDef or MRes buff.

    Coupled with BMs getting +10 accuracy per dex while archers getting +6 evasion and magic never missing evasion is pretty worthless. It is so worthless devs didnt bother to make evasion versions of most end-game ornaments (cube neck, warsong belt, jungle belt, pastmap belt).

    The only endgame evasion that works is the Assassin buff focused mind which they have on top of the tradition evasion.
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    Haven't archers been bent over enough since the tideborn expansion? b:surrender