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Flatline lvl 3 fac Heavens Tear

_Mg_Zr - Heavens Tear_Mg_Zr - Heavens Tear Posts: 562 Arc User
edited July 2010 in Guild Banter
Hi Flatline lvl 3 faction recruiting all classes lvl 15+ we help what ever way we can and to apply register on our forum [url]http://flatline.yourme.netb:laugh[/url]
_Mg_Zr - level 100 sage Barb / level 101 demon r9 aps barb on Harshlands
Mg_Zr - level 100 demon Psychic
_mg_zr_ - level 100 demon Blademaster
|\/|erlin_ 7x Wizard
Makaveli_ - 8x Harshlands sin
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