Red TT Mat Drops in DW Server!

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EDIT: The mat has been sold, I believe a Sin bought it.

A joint EQ - Cala squad (see, we can work together sometimes) had the TT100 red mat Heart of Nature drop in a 3-3 yesterday.

So, all you BMs, Sins, and Archers interested in getting your TT100 Fists/Daggers/Crossbow, go ahead and pm/mail Supernova or Sparrows for details on how to get your shiny red mat.

[and yes, technically this should go in trading post. But no one reads that, and I am sneaking it in here under the claim that a red mat drop is "server news." So go tell your rich faction mates about it]
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    we can work together all the time, well i do lol. Just some people are like, oohh theyre in cala or eq whatever, dont wan't to squad with them lol

    congrats on the red mat, still want those tt100 fists D:

    too poor right now b:sad

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    On Harshlands there was a redmat and a gold chest peice mat drop from the same bossb:bye
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    lol, Cala and EQ, love and hate.
    Last night I tanked Brim for a FB89, I guess the squad was all EQ beside the tabber and me. And I often got into mixed Cala/EQ BH squads, so yeah, ppl are playing the game and looks more and more like EQ and Cala are keeping the hate for TW and enjoy the game outside of it. Which should always be the case.

    on topic: I've seen the WC yesterday about the red mat, I guess Super was tele-ing. Congrats guys, that's some really nice money for all of you.
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    Guys you know i never got higher then 69 on Weaver, :( can you tell me just HOW rare these gold and red mats are please
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    kinda scared b:shocked
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    According to PW database the drop rate for most gold mats in TT is about 10%. The drop rate for the red TT mats is 0.1% ( Although, some believe that the database is not always correct, or has not kept up with perceived/actual changes in drop rates. At any rate, it's pretty rare.
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    QQ i did 50+ 3-3 runs since double drops and still no red mat lol. :O