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Guide: Manufacture Skill Boxes

frankierayefrankieraye Posts: 250 Arc User
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note: A News Content post will be going up regarding these items shortly.

Training Items for Manufacturing Skills

Training items purchased from the PW Boutique allow you to quickly and painlessly level up your crafting skills. However, aimlessly opening up all the Training items before using them may result in a daunting amount of confusing items in your inventory. Hopefuly, this guide will help break down the process for you.

Before You Start

This guide assumes that you currently have no skill at all in the profession that you're upgrading, but keep in mind that you can use the steps below to upgrade your current skill level no matter what it's at. Before starting, head over to an Elder NPC. You will need to speak with him to upgrade to the next skill level. Also, make sure that you have at least 3 to 12 empty bag spaces and that you have met the level, spirit, and coin requirements for each skill level.

Item Types

There are 3 types of items that you will receive when using a Training item: a higher level Training item, an Enchanted item, and sometimes a Skill item.

1) Training items: Open these to obtain higher level training items. Opening these won't level your skills up, but the items contained inside them will.

2) Enchanted items: Used to max out the specified skill level. The names for these items will be different for all crafting skills and skill levels, but they will all have the Enchanted prefix.

3) Skill items: Needed to buy certain skill levels 1, 4, 6, and 8. These will be named for the crafting skill and level that they can be used for, such as Basic Blacksmith Skill or Intermediate Apothecary Skill.

Basic Steps

After opening the first Training item, the items should generally be used in this order:

Skill item (if it's available, talk to the Elder) >> Enchanted item >> Upgrade your skill at an Elder >> Open up the next Training item.

At levels 3, 5, and 7 you won't be able to immediately upgrade your skill after using an Enchanted tem. When this happens, open up the next level of Training items to receive the next Skill item before talking to the Elder again and choosing Learn Manufacture. Although you can open up the next Training item at any point, we advise you to use up the current Enchanted and Skill items to minimize bag clutter.

If you already have the skill and it's advanced further along than the beginning level, feel free to open up the Training items until you reach the items that are compatible with your level.

Example using Blacksmith Training

1) Obtain Blacksmith Training I (or whatever skill you want to learn).

2) Right-click Blacksmith Training I to open it. This will place 3 new items in your bag: 1 Blacksmith Training II, 1 Basic Blacksmith Skill, and 1 Enchanted Heavy Lead.

3) Talk to the Elder and select "Learn Manufacturing Skill" and then learn Blacksmith Level 1. This will consume the current Skill item.

4) Next, use (right-click) the Enchanted Heavy Lead. This will consume the item and max out skill Level 1.

5) Talk to the Elder and upgrade your Blacksmith to Level 2.

6) Use Blacksmith Training II. This time you will get 2 new items in your bag: 1 Blacksmith Training II and 1 Enchanted Flexible Tin.

7) Use the Enchanted Flexible Tin to max out your skill level again.

8) Talk to the Elder and upgrade your Blacksmith to Level 3.

9) Repeat between using the Skill items when they're available, Enchanted items, talking to the Elder, and opening up the Training items until you've hit Level 8 and maxed it out using the last item.

10) Congratulations on maxing out your skills!
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