How many Genie skills with 40 mag. ?

HippiePanda - Sanctuary
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I have 4 skills and I thought my genie can learn 5 skills with 40 mag. ??

I have

-Base skill
-Wind shield
-Solid shield
-Tree of protection

and like to learn Courage

So far got 40 mag. for another slot but it seems they changed anything ?
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  • Lesach - Dreamweaver
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    Magic stat no longer effects the amount of skills a genie can learn. They changed it to Luck Points controlling the skills amounts in a patch awhile back.

    Here is the amount of LP and how many skills can use:
    Lucky Points 0-50: 4 Skill Slots
    Lucky Points 51-70: 5 Skill Slots
    Lucky Points 71-80: 6 Skill Slots
    Lucky Points 81-90: 7 Skill Slots
    Lucky Points 91 or more: 8 Skill Slots