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PayPal Payment Review?

shnugglesshnuggles Posts: 7 Arc User
edited December 2009 in Cash Shop Huddle
Did you just make a purchase with PayPal and it did not arrive instantly?

Have your payments normally been instant but today is taking a very long time to process?

I go to my wallet to transfer my PayPal payment but I have no ZEN and my purchase says 'Payment Review', what do I do?

DO NOT FRET! The answer to all these questions is below:

Sometimes PayPal suspends transactions while they conduct an additional review into them. They are informing the customers that the transaction has been processed, and essentially it has, but they fail to inform the customers that there is an additional "payment review" being conducted. While this is happening we are not able to intervene. Approval typically takes approximately 24 hours after the review has been initiated. We understand this can be an inconvenience. For further information on payment reviews, please see PayPal's website:

YOU MUST LOG IN TO PAYPAL TO READ THIS LINK - PayPal Payment Review Frequently Asked Questions
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