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WQ and BH in the Quest Log; New Day Announcements

KrittyCat - DreamweaverKrittyCat - Dreamweaver Posts: 1,273 Arc User
edited October 2009 in Suggestion Box
1. WQ as 1 quest, rather than a bunch of seperate ones
I, honestly, even on just my second WQ, am frustrated with the fact that each step is an entirely new quest. Therefore, rather than just being able to go to the quest log and see what my next location is, I have to refresh my Find Quests and then click from there...just seems that there are more convenient/better ways to do this.

2. BH showing in Find Quests
Also, why can't the Bounty Hunt quests show up in the Find Quest log? Is it somehow different to the point that it can't tell us to go to the Head Hunter to pick up our Bounty Hunt for the day? I mean, Crazy Stones Quest is refreshed in my Find Quests every single new day, and I am glad for it. Otherwise I would have absolutely no clue when a new day arrived.

3. Bring back New Day Announcements
Lastly, as an addition to the last statement of my second suggestion, why can't the New Day Announcements be brought back? I mentioned this a while ago, and Eatwithspoons said that he would get back to the player base, but as far as I know, we still haven't heard back from him. It was a nice, friendly reminder that my dailies were able to be done again, and it is definitely frustrating to not see them, log off, and then realize I should have done my Crazy Stone before I did, or that I could have picked up a new BH (see second suggestion).

Thanks in advance for your consideration! b:bye
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  • forks89forks89 Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited October 2009
    +1 I agree with all of your points.

    especially the new day announcements, even if you didn't need to get the quests they were just funny (most of the time :P)
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  • RedsRose - Lost CityRedsRose - Lost City Posts: 12,354 Arc User
    edited October 2009
    Some Suggestions:

    1) In your inventory, just toggle between the Regular inventory and your Quest Items. Your Quest items will have the location (the "token") of your next stop. This will eliminate the need to open your quest/find quest log each new location. Or, there is a list here on the forums that tell you all of the stops and the locations.

    2) Set your timer? The "new day" starts at 12am Pacific Time. You could do the rest from there depending on your time zone. And you have all day to get your BH. You do not have to get it right when the server resets.
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