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Xfire Announcement

KrittyCat - DreamweaverKrittyCat - Dreamweaver Posts: 1,273 Arc User
edited October 2009 in General Discussion
Hmm...does anyone else notice that the announcement of the Xfire event winners, which was promised to us by eatwithspoons this week, has not yet been posted? Odd...
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  • chesticleschesticles Posts: 424 Arc User
    edited October 2009
    most likely will be posted next week and prizes given out during maintenance.

    That would be my guess ;P
  • RedsRose - Lost CityRedsRose - Lost City Posts: 12,354 Arc User
    edited October 2009
    How is it odd?

    They had another and I HIGHLY doubt it was "promised"....
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  • MagicHamsta - Lost CityMagicHamsta - Lost City Posts: 10,466 Arc User
    edited October 2009
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  • eatwithspoonseatwithspoons Posts: 54 Arc User
    edited October 2009
    We're still in the process of getting the data, no ETA on that yet, but we'll try to get it next week.
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