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darthpanda16darthpanda16 Posts: 9,471 Arc User
edited May 2009 in Support Desk
Hello Everyone,

We, The Tech Terminators here at Perfect World Entertainment, are working on something to help speed up our response times for our users.

We need a good number of dxdiag logs from various versions of Windows (NOT from Virtual Machines or emulated systems).

If you would like to volunteer your dxdiag to us, DO NOT send in a ticket.

1) Run dxdiag on your computer, and Save All Information.

2) Name it to say

Example: "yourforumnamehere_yourwindowsversionhere_dxdiag.txt" when you Save it to your Desktop or other location where you can easily find it.

So, as an example, my dxdiag would be named darthpanda16_WinXPSP3_dxdiag.txt

So the info that you are giving us is your forum name, version of windows and which service pack you have (if you know), and then dxdiag.txt.

3) Host your dxdiag elsewhere on the internet as a saved .txt file, and then provide the link to it here on the forums in this thread with your post.

4) Your forum post should resemble something like this:

Hi Mr. Panda (just kidding),

Here is my dxdiag from my system: "the link to your dxdiag goes here"

I have a Windows XP SP3 system.

Have a great and wonderful day you sweet GMs! (again, just kidding)

We would greatly appreciate the help!

We need dxdiags from the following types of systems, 32bit, 64bit, and any Service Pack versions):

Windows 98 SE b:surrender

Windows ME b:cry

Windows 2000

Windows Server 2003 (XP)

Windows XP b:pleased

Windows Vista

Windows 7 b:pleased

Thank you all VERY much!
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