Barbarian Celestial Tiger Transformation keeps crashing the game?

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Hey folks,

I ran into this problem on my Barb, making gameplay with him impossible. I can transform into Celestial Tiger, but when I transform back, I am invisible, whenever I try to do anything at this point, it crashes.

I've already sent a support ticket in, and I feel bad because it auto sends crash reports, so I've been worried of it auto sending crash reports everytime I try to fix it. I've repaired, reinstalled, restarted my pc, just about everything. Let me know if you have the same issue or a solution. Other Barbs in the game say they aren't having this issue.

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    So after finding how my HD mode toon model was the reason behind crashing, I figured I could use the makeover scroll given to re-edit my character, and voila! It seemed to fix the character specific bug. Interestingly, my other barbarian character never had this bug, so it must be something with the character creation that's bugged up.