missing events

where are our anni events this year?


  • ladyricana
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    Well there is some. A login event that runs until the 30th this month and a double drop that runs to next month 5th. It's just not what most of us expected. You mean the "Dragon's Rise Celebration" that we got last year for anniversary, which was partially broken. Last event of Archosaur did not work and there was issues with the expiry of the Word Scramble Event in Plume City and the missing Transmutation Feature at Dream Weaver Elder.

    Yes, I was also expecting this event to run at some point this month. But after seeing that we get on the 5th september a login event that runs until the 30th of this month, it was clear that the Dragon's Rise Celebration would not happen in september this year. As they never run a login event and another event and a double drop event simultanously.

    But that does not mean that it won't happen at all. In PW CN it was run at the end of last year after the launch of the expansion we got last month. Good so far as long as it will happen at all. We have gotten the DRC transmutation at feature finally after the last patch or on the small patch on 31th august this year. I hope this is a sign that we will be getting it.

    But at this point i need to point out something urgent. If it is planned for this year, there is a real risk of europeans not being able to participate on this event at all. we have been given warnings of possible blackouts during december and january, so it would be nice that Gearbox knows about that, and won't run them right then, when many european households have no light. At best, it would be October, if it isn't scheduled for next week.
  • plushie666
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    I rather have none events then a broken event.
    So what we got now is fine for me.

    Have a nice day all!