G16 Molds

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I opened a support ticket to talk about the G16 Molds. I talked to a GM about them making drop more and making them tradeable. I was asked to post this to see your guys response and to voice your opinion on whether or not you want this to happen. The more people that say yes the better the chance we have for it to become a feature.


  • turoc
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    This is an awsome thing to do. All new toons need it. It is the best way to go till they can afford to build to R9.
  • lee#4044
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    The best thing that has happened in a long time. I truly hope they ok this move. It will offer hope to all new toons comming in.
  • halethriller
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    yes i think they should
  • shadowandi#1642
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    I think that PWI should do this since new toons need some good gear until they have the reputation to get rank IX gear.
  • sexybeast0002
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    I think this is a good idea.. It will help all the new toon in the game to have a chance to get eqipment to help them advance in the game. eventually people will want R9 gear, but having the G16 mold's to be tradeable will help teammates get them and to help them to survivor.
  • ducky2k
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    In my opinion this would be a great move. Anyone making a new toon really would rather spend their gold on R9 or better, but they need G16 to get them there making molds tradable would make it easier, if not why bother making new toons, why spend money on more gold.
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    I am happy for all the (new) players on all servers. PWI is always in need of fresh newcomers. B)

    And then, here it goes:

    (Considering you are referring to those who FARM BADGES also, not to those who buy badges from Boutique)

    From my understanding, you worry for getting G16 molds ONLY because you see their rate drop is low. You want G16 molds to drop sooner/faster/with less efforts.
    So you would be able to farm badges, correct?

    So, basically, the moment you ask for tradable G16 molds, you do realise this also involves tradable r9 molds. You won't just set things separately.
    In all my years farming WS runs, the major problem regarded badges. 180 badges for G16 set (if no rerolls), 210 badges for r9 gear (if no rerolls). That is 65 full runs minimum. Out of 65 runs, do you still think you won't get some of your desirable molds?

    The moment you ask for tradable molds, it's as if you asked a friend/guild mate etc to craft that piece of gear for you. Either way, someone still needs 30 badges/gear; 60 badges/weapon.
    So any main/alt/"ask a friend for craft" character still has to farm that amount of badges.

    So, let's be specific. You opened this topic because you want
    1. "the rate of molds to be higher".

    > you will reach that moment ingame when you have more molds than badges, and you will have to NPC them because lack of space.

    Many examples include:
    a) World Chat, asking to pick the mold from the ground.
    b) Pay a friend to craft the desirable gear for you.
    Everyone in need, so far, has done these two choices + others.

    And when it's double drop, you do have a higher chance to get the molds you need, x2.

    2. "All new toons need it. It is the best way to go till they can afford to build to R9."
    > True.

    3. "new toons need some good gear"

    4. "G16 mold's to be tradeable will help teammates get them and to help them to survive"
    > Once again. Your teammates still need badges in a way or another, to have that gear crafted, to help them survive.

    5. "they need G16 to get them there making molds tradable would make it easier, if not why bother making new toons, why spend money on more gold."
    > From what i could understand here, G16 is good for saving money/gold and makes it easier to play ingame before a big step like r9 (if that occurs). True.

    True. True. True. True. True.
    I am glad you all think of playing, of using "new toons", gearing them up with G16. But some wishes must still be farmed with sweat and tears.
    We all wish everyone was better geared, G16, R9, G17, G18 etc.
    >>Not to make it hard on you all, but there are veteran players here, who at the beginning, had to do like 100 Warsong runs just to get interval on G16 daggers. :/

    In conclusion, you opened the topic because you want "the rate of molds to be higher", and you can definitely ask for this from GMs. *winks*

    Wherever you think i am wrong, correct me.

  • justme#5643
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    I think you have a good point to a point. I have been running wws for 2 weeks now and only getting r9 molds. If this is the norm then what is the point ? At this rate I dont have to worry bout badges. And to my knowledge you cant get badges from boutique any more. You must farm them. I am starting my third week of running ws at a rate of 2 to 3 runs a day with a total of 1 g16 drop per week. I am just asking the odds be upgraded a bit. If you think that is asking to much then excuse me. As for making them tradable, with the drops being as they are it seems to me that is a very good alternative. I have been playing this game for over 12 years myself and seen it all come and go. This is my 2 cents to put in.
  • dawnsilver10
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    I sign in for that change to happen. I think it would greatly help newcomers, as they can buy or trade the molds then.
  • vilain62
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    I don't speak English, I'm passing the translator, sorry for the mistakes
    I am for haggling over the g16 plans for the new arrivals but he should also think about giving double drops the g16 plans are good but without the g15 armor and the rotten loot rate of the tt mats excluding doubles it is not win
  • unicorn37
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    Yes to making g16 molds tradeable but with out 2x drops then it's hard to get the tt mat needed for the armor and weapons
  • respectablearse
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    I am also in agreement to making G16 molds tradable and also would like to know if there is any way to obtain the R9 Bright Moon Scythe mold any other way besides FWS. I get on limited times now and haven't seen a FWS in a forever. that would complete my r9 gear but as I understand it not worth much anymore with the newer TT and Dragonbreath gear. Still get one shot in TW and NW lol