Does the Realmrift Sphere exist? If so, how do I go about acquiring it?

zenyu#3598 Posts: 2 Arc User
In scanning the Psychic weapons list on I came across a very cool sounding sphere called the Realmrift Sphere. But other than being listed in the Psychic's category of weapons, ranging from 1-3 stars, there is literally NO other information about it to be found on the internet. Does anyone know anything about this weapon? Are there other categories of seemingly non-existent weapons out there?

Realmrift 1-star
Realmrift 2-star
Realmrift 3-star

This is driving me crazy! If it's just a special weapon given out as a promotion or for a special event I could understand but there are ZERO articles and posts about it.

Please save my sanity. Thanks in advance.

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