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Not Getting Credit in Daily Task for Completed Runs

Has anyone else had issues with using your keys to complete instances for daily activeness rewards? I did. I submitted a ticket, and need your help in data collection for this issue.

I completed the TH got credit for it, but did not receive credit for the instance. Was told would have to run again. The issue here is, no key for a redo.


  • plushie666plushie666 Posts: 61 Arc User
    Ive got the same problem, i did dup fsp and 999 in the same day, didnt get any credits for it
  • imaginitimaginit Posts: 3 Arc User
    Once again, Upd failed to give me credit. Full squad. no glitch. and still no credit. Do not have another key to run again.
  • shopcheeseshopcheese Posts: 758 Arc User
    edited December 2021
    Because the activeness points trigger on the daily instance quest completion. You either died and it didnt complete or you are stacked on the quest. You only get activeness points if the quest is recieved on the day you do it. If you have no extra keys to run an extra run I would delete the old quest and you should be fine for next time you do it.
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