Is it possible to build the Venomancer to be melee only?

I'm relatively new to the game, like the Venomancer's fox form abilities, and am wondering if it's possible to build them viably as a melee class. If it's possible, what stat distribution would I use? I'm aware I'll need to use magic swords and so I'll have to invest points into the stat necessary to use them, but otherwise do I direct the points into strength and vitality and at what ratio?


  • kefal
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    I remember back in the day coming across a veno who had heavy armour and dual axes but i guess you will need to use exras to get stats to keep magic and have enough to to wear and use the armour/weapons.
  • obielle
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    You can definitely still make a melee-built veno, but they're not viable in pve or pvp since endgame gear for venos is arcane. There is a wiki page that may help you with stat distribution here:

    I would recommend going through your initial levels as arcane and then when you reawaken, swap your stats. That way you'll be able to immediately wear the gear that gives the strength/dexterity boosts you need.

    You could also play around a bit with a character builder such as this one:
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple