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So PWI is updated today. No problem with that, 2x exp etc. are gone. No real information given. However: when we start PWI this text is shown:
PWI: Wonderland is live! Experience a revamped Faction system,
craft War Avatar cards with the new War Avatar Crafting feature and
jump into the whimsical world of Adventure Kingdom!
Be sure to visit our forums at https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/pwi/
for the latest news and community entertainment!

Hyper EXP Stones are NOW enabled permanently
in Frostcovered City as of our content update on 8/30/2017!

Like us on Facebook to see upcoming content, win prizes, and more!

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PerfectWorldMMO/
Twitter (@AroundTheArcPWE)

**Please beware of phishing sites.**

If any player attempts to direct you to any website while in-game, please be
extra-cautious. Phishing sites generally try to copy the look of the official
PWI website, and prompt you to enter your username and password. Once your
login credentials are stolen, the characters on the account may have items
stolen from them. Do not believe any player touting FREE ZEN, and remember,
the only official PWI website is: http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/pwi

Thank you for playing PWI and we’ll see you in-game!

- The PWI Team

Now the problem: PWI: Wonderland isn't PWI: Wonderland, hell, Tremolo's Adventure's Kingdom is closed again! Visiting Facebook isn't needed since nothing really new is shown there except some QQ from people which isn't answered in any way. I've never seen activity on Facebook and the so called influencer that was mentioned on the official PWE website isn't very busy. Then the attempts from other players to let us visit any websites. Wow, recruiting can go via other websites as shown via worldchat. Even the cheap gold coin messages in our in-game mailbox wants us to visit an East European website.


1. change the text during start-up or open Tremolo's Adventure's Kingdom.
2. remove the announcement about EXP stones, it's just old
3. make it possible to stop in-game mailing to people who are not in your friendlist. This will stop the spam and will not ask us to visit websites.
4. stolen credentials is more like Arc Defender doesn't work, better to replace it with a text "use Arc defender". That's until Passport will be activated.

Official text can be found in ../element/BBSPages. Should change that in one of our next updates.
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