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''Cross''-Server Matchmaking - Chrono

Hello Perfect World!

Thanks for this Update!

So we got now again a Cross-Server-Instance from you.


You made the Times perfect! On that way, we cant play Cross-Server. ET is opening when Da is closing.

Dawnglory NEVER get 99 People to open this fight.

So, we cant get the Reward, Titles whatever.

Are you serious about that?

Why you make it 12-24? Why not 0-0? Full day? And bind all Servers together for that? Is that really, so hard?

Now we can trash this NPC on our Server. We dont need it, cause we cant make it.

Real Trash!
Fix that ****.

And Merge Tideswell and Dawnglory and get Events that both Timezones are fine in Northern Realm!

Just a Pain.



  • rokon#1106 rokon Posts: 23 Arc User
    Yup but when you send a ticket they'll say "Everything is working as intended!"
  • nowayoutgtx960nowayoutgtx960 Posts: 70 Arc User
    Man, might as well put your toon to queue and go sleep, no one got time to wait to be able match this, i would say maybe make it full local but Ti don't even have 33 active 3v3 teams, or 99 people willing to go to this event at some point, lol.
  • rokon#1106 rokon Posts: 23 Arc User
    GG GM's says Chrono Hunt is working as expected! sorry if it didn't live up to expectations.
  • nklemm1#8434 nklemm1 Posts: 19 Arc User
    Oh yes,
    its working as expected!!!!


    Thanks PWI for that nice Trash!

    :) Thats trolling and i guess a April Fool.

  • sergiattesergiatte Posts: 15 Arc User
    So DawnsGLory Got together to try and trigger a single match of this event and were greeted with a Cross server under maint msg... so it did not work.

    In addition id liek to suggest dropping min player participation from 60 to something like 30-40 to make it easier and more achiveable for DA to get more matches going. As we got one small server to try and group together for this.
  • naaima#7196 naaima Posts: 1 Arc User
    Finally got 99 ppl to sign up, over 300 teles lost only to discover the "Cross server Maintenance in progress"...............this is really bad for newly released content
  • sergiattesergiatte Posts: 15 Arc User
    Yes why not have it 24/7 and drop player requirements. We don't have as many players as China so can you drop these requirements down so more players can p[articipate in this content without having to try mass orginise the server (and then there will be alot of ppl who will still miss out cuz of this)
  • captinsaicaptinsai Posts: 4 Arc User
    Well that's pw, i mean it's been always like this.
    They not even trying anymore, only doing a copy paste from china.
  • anole300#5837 anole300 Posts: 8 Community Moderator
    From what I've heard, the team has been made aware of the chrono hunt availability/queue times and making plans to update it.
  • nklemm1#8434 nklemm1 Posts: 19 Arc User
    From what I've heard, the team has been made aware of the chrono hunt availability/queue times and making plans to update it.

    The Teams was made at 22:30 - 23:15. And the Screenshot i uploaded but still unformied is from 23:22 Servertime.
    12-24 Servertime is the Timerange.


  • nklemm1#8434 nklemm1 Posts: 19 Arc User
  • heero200heero200 🇭elper 🇪xtraordinary 🐲💯 Posts: 4,414 Community Moderator
    The Team are currently looking into solutions for this event, However nothing is unfortunately going to be tested and in place for this year.

    I have a few things on my list to keep an eye on so I will continue to feedback where possible. Please be assured the team are aware of the issue.

  • Do we happen to know when we will be getting an update? Since the removal of bos, it's hard getting barbaric crystals for those who cannot get into AoS squads.
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