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Need a bit of help

andadina1andadina1 Posts: 41 Arc User
I just got to be a full r9 barbarian and I would like to know more of what people suggest. I wanna be a full PvE dmg through Arma barbarian to do insane dmg in the instances . I was wondering what kind of cultivation helps me with that . Sage for extra dmg or the demon with their Crit rate. Also I was wondering if the boundless barbarian weapon is worth the investment since I've read that the proc on the gof is smaller than the r9 3rd cast. Any input is highly appreciated. Thank you and have a good day.


  • puangi#2208 puangi Posts: 61 Arc User
    Most barb damages come from Glyphs. Going Sage would be for the best for extra damage. As for Boundless weapon it's not worth it.
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