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Are there any other gear for Edgerunners, barring quest rewards?

eralduseraldus Posts: 336 Arc User
Got back to this game after taking a very long break, and I decided to make a Edgerunner, but from what it seems, this class feels like a "work in progress", because there doesn't seems to be any other gear, than the ones you get from quest rewards...

It feels kinda boring that your gear is just handed to you so easily, and how this class lacks variety in gear options, and all weapons are just carbon copies of each other...


  • prancingprancing Posts: 143 Arc User
    You can wear all heavy armor gear. The end game gear sets are g16 t3 nirvana, g15 moral 2nd cast, rank 8 recast, rank 9, and g17 from TTR.

    For weapons you have Morai g15, warsong wep, rank 8 recast, rank 9, and g17.
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