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Game wouldn't loading completely

Good day I go by the name JoshXon in the game. At first a week again when I tried login to my character it was loading up normal, but then one day it was sticking at the loading screen so I was thinking the server might have a problem or something so i create another character on another server and I the get to log into that new server after I see I get to login I was thinking that the dawnglory server had a problem or something but then I close the pwi application and then I load it up back I the want test and see if it was the dawnglory server problem or i had a problem with my internet so I created another character on the server and to think that the new character get to login to the world so I tried again to login into my level 91 character but it was still the same. It was still sticking at the loading screen to I contact the customer help service and within that day they send me back a message saying I was too far in the air. I was then trying to remember if I was in the air or not but that is not the problem they get to fix my level 91 character so I could get to login back but two days after the same problem happen again. Please help me and thank you
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