where is the charge promo? joke sales!!!

cataflam Posts: 7 Arc User
the game is getting worst
has no events
no codes
the worst promotions


  • cosmosia1989
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    I have to agree that it seems rather stupid af not to throw out as many sales as possible at this point to keep people at least catching up to some of the top geared people but instead they make it harder and harder for people to catch up. If I were them I wouldve increased the amount of gold you get per dollar by at least 3x as much ON TOP of all the former promos and then some.

    Then again, PWI management hardly knows anything about business at all so dont expect that anytime soon.
  • lax
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    New GM who's making these promos "Fero" has no idea why past promos were successful. The spend promo is a joke 40 gold for 1 +10 100 gold for 1 +11 200 gold for 1+12, who would even spend on that or charge to get those? Already posted how stupid he is calling it a Ultimate Summer Spend promo when every promo in the past year has been better. Hell last October? they had promos crossing over so you could get 3 NP cards by charging/spending 1100 gold. He's probably sitting there looking at the analytics going wtf why is nobody buying gold on my promos, what an idiot.
  • cosmosia1989
    cosmosia1989 Posts: 165 Arc User
    Fero is not new tho, he is a german GM that has been around at least since the Euro servers started.