Problem with Pious Sky Quest

My Hubby and I are having problems with doing the Pious Sky quest chain. After doing the boundary break at Pious Sky Envoy Kuza in Nicada, we both took the first quest, Pious Sky: Visit Castellan, and then there were no subsequent quests afterwards. I contacted support, but they said they were unable to do anything about it because they can't restart or modify quest progress and to post on the forums.



  • obielle
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    I think with some of the Pious Sky quests, it only checks your current level and not your historical levels. Your current level must be 102 or higher to take more of the Pious Sky quests. Hopefully that helps. If not, let me know and I can take a closer look at the quests.
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  • vadge#4831
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    I put in a ticket for the same area and they said they could not help me on it either. I follow the instructsion on Recover in the Spring(I) and enter the Springs as it says. It is suppose to initiate a 10 second timer then progress but nothing. I can delete it again but this would be near the fourth time I have done it. I go to the destination instructed, it says to 'enter the springs' and I do then nothing. The Recover in the Spring (II) states wait 10 seconds for Goodwill to recover and I have over five hours now. If Goodwill will recover by me following the instructions of Entering the Springs, then I would be alright but for some reason, the timer does not initiate to complete the quest and now I have a NPC following me everywhere.