Joke of a Spend Promo

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Hi PWI/Fero,

What is this spend promo that you made for the "Ultimate Summer Spend Rewards"? How is this an ULTIMATE spend promo when the last spend promos have been triple the amount of goods.
Did you guys think by not having them for 4 months people would forget the old rates and miraculously spend on this overpriced promo?

Can't even look at dates 8/7/19 good job!!!! - Ultimate Summer Spend Rewards (Just in case they change it and don't acknowledge).
20 gold +10
100 gold +11
200 gold +12

Redeemable once? - March Madness Spend Reward - Spring Spend Reward - Some random **** spend reward for literally no reason other than wanting money.

20x3 gold +10x3
30x3 gold +11x3
40x3 gold +12x3

That's effectively 120 gold for 3 +10's, 3 +11's, and 3 + 12's

Bring back the old spend rewards, this is useless and a slap in the face.

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