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Price of CoM on Tideswell server?

googie991googie991 Posts: 3 Arc User
edited July 2020 in Tideswell (East)
I recently obtained a Crown of Madness , noone wants to buy it . I been trying to sell it on Tideswell server , and i need a buyer . I think that server is dying .Message me on here if interested .
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  • jay#1103 jay Posts: 6 Arc User
    no one wans to pay 4bil for a helm thats mediocre
  • bruinvisbruinvis Posts: 43 Arc User
    edited July 2020
    The problem is't the 4 bil but how to get the 4 bil.

    Just like mounts. You could buy an 11speed mount for 200 mil (sometimes on Tideswell) but you can also try to get the mount from a pack which is much cheaper. Then there are players who will never get the gold coins since they altered their gameplay, getting enough coins for repairing armor, homestead etc.
    There is absolutely no need to buy anything from other people if you play that way.

    Also, why want that Crown of Madness? Tideswell is known as a server where pvp is lame. Just look at all the tempest people, staying in Save Zone, lol. Even the PvP faction with that yellow icon (sorry, forgot the name) doesn't have members who kill for fun.

    But sure, if you really want to sell the Crown of Madness, I'll pay 1 coin. Don't want it? Just NPC the Crown.
  • gukibl#4031 gukibl Posts: 22 Arc User
    Price changed, no 4bil but 50k less. Still unable to sell since
    The problem is't the 4 bil but how to get the 4 bil.
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