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Divine Defender vs. Imperial Vanquisher. Is there even a point?

srovariesrovarie Posts: 44 Arc User
Hi all. So far I haven't find any way which would compensate for the difference in the numbers of the fighting sides. No bigger reward for fewer people, nothing. Why shouldn't we all join to the Imperial Vanquishers and simply fighting against the mobs. That seems to be the best possible method at this point. Any other opinion? Anything I missed?


  • splendideyessplendideyes Posts: 328 Arc User
    winning side: more merit, less stress
    losing side: much more gold blade token as weekly reward, more work
  • brantanorbrantanor Posts: 72 Arc User
    "....is there even a point?"

    No. No there isn't. Not with the numbers as they are now. The only reason to go into NR is to do either your daily 'escort' or show up at the event(s) to get the auto-reward in merit & blade tokens. You just need to be in the vicinity of the event.
    NR is supposed to be a pkzone, but there is never any pking going on (no one there outside of events) and the rewards are 'méh'. Besides, you need a LOT of blade tokens to get anything good out if it. Which wil ltake you months to get anyways, so why even bother with pking, We got nw/xnw/tw's for that stuff.
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