Apply doesn't work or does it?

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Last week people wanted to get into a guild and since I'm an executor I wanted to invite them. They didn't appear in the guild list. Today 3 people applied but again they didn't show in the guild list. So time for a question: does apply work?

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    Made a character and checked it.

    After hitting Apply this character is shown as a possible member. When pressing on Agree the character is gone. I relogged back to the new character and tried again. A message was shown that I already applied to the guild. So conclusion: it's bugged! :)

    - invite people using the Invite button. If you see the person is offline you can choose: (1) write down the name and pm him/her later or (2) it's an inactive character so no need to invite.
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    It's much easier:

    If someone applies you can accept: he/she will be in your faction.
    If someone applies and go offline you can accept but he/she won't be in your faction.

    Conclusion: your executors need to be active, the possible new member should be too. If someone goes offline there is no need to invite that character since there isn't activity. Same rule for the one who wanted in your faction: no need to be in that faction if there is no executor to accept you.

    No need to write down names like mentioned above.