Quests to Farm Coins in Game

lax Posts: 96 Arc User
Seeing as how this update took ideas from Wanmei's other game that is now dead (Jade Dynasty) we should take one of the better ideas from that game and bring it over here.
*Northern Area Tundra Battles are a complete copy of fort from Jade Dynasty, from the collecting ores to upgrade and fortify your base to the 3 npcs and catapults needed to kill them.*

Here is the suggestion.

Based on your gear and level there were tier based quests that you could kill mobs in game for a certain amount of coins per mob, the quest was 24/7 and would reset and retake automatically every 5 hours. We already have the in game bot to implement said quests.

I think for the quest we could have set tiers (Western Steppes new area has some strong DoT mobs)

For the highest tier 1 mob could give 7500 gold coins per mob. Top geared players could probably kill 2500 mobs every 5 hours to make 18.75m/90m daily. G16's can still kill them it would just be slower equaling out to less coins per 5 hours

Tier 2 could give 5000 gold coins. 12.5m/60m Daily

Tier 3 could give 3500 8.75m/42m Daily.

Tier 4 could give 2000 5m/24m

Etc and work the way down to 1000 gold coins per mob for lowbies. Numbers based off 2500 kills every 5 hours. Could tweak the coins and make it lower if wanted.

This could help overcome the silver to gold coins switch from the last update and help bring back a new player base as they will have some method to catch up and gear without having to drop a mortgage on the game.