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what Happened Blacklist?

caoticdemoncaoticdemon Posts: 34 Arc User
Blacklist still claims I am a Trash Archer but what happen? why could'nt Blacklist Put in more effort in this TW? I saw that one of their Archers died quick from me. :) Blacklist is trash if you ask me lol such a Poor Performance from a Top #1 Guild in Etherblade that brags they are the best and everyone else sucks. LOL at the dumbass to build a tower on B Path. hope you were yelled at haha [Oh, and Numbers were well balanced]


  • datsangdatsang Posts: 156 Arc User
    Ah yes, the "Top3 Archer of ET". Have you learned not to get stuck into towers while building them by any chance?
  • darksprite#7208 darksprite Posts: 1 New User
    edited May 26
    Oh look the magic Archer speaks... Very super funny when you thought it was a great idea to add magic to your star chart and boost your mag point stats. Hmm or did you forget?? Besides the greatest funny was watching you getting stuck in a tower. I wouldn't even call you Top (3) Archer maybe (5) on Etherblade server. Even that is being generous.
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