Perfect World International should update graphics of older character classes too

lallyy Posts: 2 Arc User
If anyone on the perfect world team reads this I believe they should update the older classes too not just have the new classes technician and edge runner looking all nice while the other characters of older classes still don't look as good. I really hope they come out with this in a new patch or something. I just love the new character editing and how more advanced it feels and how better the characters look too!


  • lallyy
    lallyy Posts: 2 Arc User
    Also if anyone knows for certain or the official game team reads this please let us know if this is being worked on or if older characters are just stuck in a loop of looking not as good as the newer graphic characters/ editing screen
  • jannick#6670
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    I don't think there are the perfect world team workers here
  • ghostryder76#5279
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    I dont think there are period.