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Is crafting even worth it anymore..????

mysticalconumdrmmysticalconumdrm RetiredStonerPosts: 74 Arc User
this is more of a PvE question....
does everybody need high end gear/weapons..???
I know a lot of people want and have high end armor...and weapons..... especially PvP.(damn..they are expensive)
AND....I see that high end belts and rings are all specific to barb.....cleric....BS....etc
(there goes 90% of the people I could have sold the ring/belt to)

now that I have a blacksmith and a tailor at Lvl 7
is there a need for lvl 15 weapons/armor for PvE players for use in the Western Steppes..??
or does everybody make their own now days...????
or only want high end everything from the start..???
I dont see many weapons for sale anywhere

for example...a Lvl 15 Dual Axe Wheel of Warfog 1 socket/Sacrificial Strike/+ 350 HP for say
80-100 million gold coins..???
The same for armor....can lvl 15 armor get ya thru most/all of the game...???

So basically I want to know.....
If you build it....they will com
no wait...thats the movie.....

If I make it....will they buy it..???


  • spuangi#8160 spuangi Posts: 27 Arc User
    edited May 28
    No as you can earn your pve gear for free which is the morai gear which is equvilent to rank 9 in terms of pve. As for the G15 weapon they sell for 25mil-30mil now. As for people buying the weapon you craft depends on the server and the population. There is mid demand for G16 armour rather then weapon.
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