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Time Zone (EU) [Maintenance Discussion] 29/03/20 - (Complete)

heero200heero200 🇭elper 🇪xtraordinary 🐲💯Posts: 4,232 Community Moderator
edited March 29 in Official Announcements
Please Feel Free to Update If needs Be. Please remember to keep checking for updates.
Official Info Here!

Time Zone Changes overnight may affect the servers. Please be prepared for this if it does happen. This will happen before 2am as the servers have to be off-line when the time change happens or they will mess up.
Please allow a fair time before the servers come back on-line.

All Servers will be taken offline for this to make sure the Cross Server events work correctly.
WARNING - Last time bases where also reset. This included Chivalry Points/ Trials / Trials Rewards in Safe / Loyalty Funds / Faction Points. THIS WILL ONLY AFFECT EU SERVER THIS TIME!
Click here to view compensation News Post!

**ALL X-Server events will return to normal after this Maint has been completed!

Euro Servers - Dawnglory / Cross Server
For Time Zone Changes Click Here. / For Time Zones - Click Here.

Today's Question - What are you doing during the down time?

Check out the Returning Player FAQ if you have a few seconds as well, any feedback would be great!


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