Gearing up Tips 2020

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I recently got back into pwi playing a psychic im lvl 102 in T2 Nirvana armour and weapon and was wondering if people had any tips for me. currently aiming to go g16 ws.


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    NW / IBU make good money.

    Its a little more Expensive But I would look at the R8 route, simply being G17 gears can be made using R8S3. Looking to the future Nirvana and Luna Gears may even phase out. More on the reason PWCN dont have much of this gear. Totally your call.

    Short you either need time or money, Both should be reasonable tho but that's again your call.

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    The above is basically correct.
    If your gear is TT (bound) then you can at least pass it down through Acc. Stash to another arcane like a Veno/SB/Mystic if you want a decent starting point for an Arcane to farm with. If its Lunar, you might be able to sell it to help work towards your Rank 8+.

    Morai's lv 101 gear is also pretty good for PvE and very cheap, so I'd consider it if you're in the right order. Just know that it will not be possible to pass it down and it's not good for PvP events like NW compared to your T2 NV gear.

    As for the weapon, you can still seek out G16 for the extra Attack Levels, but I'd suggest looking for a trade-able one so you can sell it later. The Morai Sphere is decent as an option too (cheap and easily re-rolled) - the more Attack Level you have, the better its Slaying Levels interact with it.
    Otherwise, the pecking order of choices would likely be Warsoul<Rank 9.3<Dragonbreath G17 depending on what your goals and effort can afford.
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    May be late response but thanks for all the replys ill defo look into it.