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Shortcut bars keep getting messed up.

For some reason i constantly have to rearrange my skill slot bar(the 9 slot one) because it will randomly change what order my skills are in. Is there a way to stop this from happening? I know the ~ key will flip through them and thats not the issue. Like, ill log on and instead of the skill rows being 12345 it will be 52342. If that makes sense.


  • donutszoqodonutszoqo Posts: 11 Arc User
    It doesnt usually happen, at least for me. I recommend saving your keybinds so that you can load it if it ever happens again.
  • alphadevil1991alphadevil1991 Posts: 79 Arc User
    just stop switching stuff on skillbars right before switching to x-server
  • mobgobblersmobgobblers Posts: 22 Arc User
    try pressing the tiny lock at bottom of skill bar on right hand side of screen this might lock your skills down to the order you want them to be in,but if it keeps happening send in a ticket to surport and see if they can help you fix the problem
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