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Which Skills to Glyph?

brightscales0brightscales0 Posts: 5 Arc User

I was wondering which skills need a glyph? In both Fox and Human Form.



  • bubbablue#5573 bubbablue Posts: 8 Arc User
    amp damage, redworm venom, venomous scarab, noxious gas, parasitic nova, and purge. amp and purge are the most important ones when in a squad. the others are helpful on own or in a squad, but be careful with the aoe ones. i use gold and argent glyphs...right now lvl 5 argent on amp, lvl 5 gold on redworm and lvl 4 gold on venomous scarab...i am not celestial saint yet.
  • copy2#9637 copy2 Posts: 7 Arc User
    edited July 2020
    Different glyphs depends on the situation, really.
    Venomancer in general have really great glyphs and most skills have great uses, so its really depends on what you want.

    Venomous Scarab ill recommend in red or green, depends on your style. Red is for more chi gain, and green is for highest damage output (requires to have pet out - but pets can be really tanky now)

    Im just going to recommend a basic pve setup for you to start with

    The 4 main skills I recommend are:
    Venomous Scarab (red or green)
    Amplify (red) stronger debuff
    Blazing Barrier (green or gold) antistun or more damage reduction, you chose.
    Parastic Nova (green) stronger debuff

    Last 2 slots you can mess around with. To give some examples
    Red purge for less cooldown (useful in IU)
    Green noxious gas for bigger aoe range
    Red Redstone for less chi usage
    Red Soul Deg (world bosses or very old instances only) for better reduction hp debuff
    Green Blessed Physique - great if you are actively playing / taking constant damage but wants to save on your hp/mp food cost.

  • brightscales0brightscales0 Posts: 5 Arc User
    Hi guys! Thanks for the info! I do usually pvp from time to time, do yall know any good sets for that? I like to debuff and run around attacking when I can xD

  • werewolves#6809 werewolves Posts: 129 Arc User
    edited September 2020
    Don't merge Metabolic Boost with Nature's Grace

    I use on my veno:

    [Glyph Colour] -> [Pve] -> [Pvp if changed]

    Green Glyph -> Venomous Scarab
    Red Glyph -> Amp
    Blue Glyph -> Purge

    Green Glyph -> Nova -> Redstone (in pvp)
    Red Glyph -> Redstone -> Crush vigor (pvp)
    Yellow Glyph -> Lucky -> Blazing (in pvp)

    I know some people in pvp glyth arcane atonomy, I personly do not as it removes my one physical human form damage skill if I wanted to 0 pdef soemone
  • prancingprancing Posts: 143 Arc User
    Why do you recommend not merging metaoblic boost with nature's grace?
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