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Balancing for 3v3

Some classes are just busted beyond the limit for 3v3...
For example Veno. Theyre intended to be a magic class that deals damage using their pet. Instead theyre spamming 0def, purge and chicombo on a vitbuild... The logical reaction would be killing the threat but you can't kill something with 60k hp, 5000 def levels and 30 survival skills... And by the time u actually killed them first the other 2 people deleted your entire family tree...


  • mistressmuertamistressmuerta Posts: 152 Arc User
    edited November 2019
    The veno was actually intended to be a dot damage summoner/debuff class but they coded the dot skills horribly wrong prior to glyphs.(which still need work) The only issue is 0 proc. It should have remained random. It can not be spammed now unless you have 2 sparks and a lvl 10 glyph, which is still over 11x the original demon c/d. This means it is not longer spammable. Purge is the Veno class signature skill. It is a class benefit like cleric iron heart or bm heavens flame. The chi combo requires set up and a veno can only drain every 30 seconds. (230 chi every 30 secs if you have a lvl 8) It is a class benefit. The full on 1 shot chi combo requires a lock +chi siphon which takes 166 energy and an ulti if you are sage. It's not something you can spam. It can't zerk crit. No veno is dropping tons of players with it back to back. It is balanced. The vit build veno's also deals no dmg outside of AA on a 0 proc and fox skills. The veno survival skills also cost chi outside of fox form. Sure a veno can gain chi changing forms but its not a cake walk keeping chi up if all the pressure is on the veno. In conclusion the only problem is a 100% 0 proc combined with other physical damage dealing classes. 100% 0 proc is making the veno look like a non complex GG EZ button class.
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