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Maybe Lost

What are the progession of a new character. I am out of the game few months and if return back with new characer, what are the progression, about gears.. etc


  • mysticalconumdrmmysticalconumdrm RetiredStoner Posts: 74 Arc User
    I dont mean to be rude or mean....'
    .what you are asking for is so big
    you would be better off to Google it....

    why would anybody answer you with your "IF" in there...?????
    this forum is NOT to convince you to come back and do anything....
  • xrougex#9184 xrougex Posts: 9 Arc User
    @danilo#4237 Your question is vague. If you want to return to the game and play CASUALLY, progression-wise I would say 6/10 (assuming you're playing 3-4 hours a day). But, if you're one of those competitive players and doesn't mind paying giving a grand or more to the game you'd be better off playing other games which isn't as heavily pay2win as this one. I'd suggest trying out private servers or other triple A games out there.
  • engrish#1692 engrish Posts: 41 Arc User
    edited November 2019
    Question a bit vague?

    "What are the progession of a new character. "

    Nothing vague about this. Nowadays people spend less time during quests meaning they level fast. In the past we needed the gear- and weapon drops but now we just get good armor and weapon by doing quests. If we don't want that we can let others run our Quick Sand Maze but it isn't needed. As for now we can also buy armor and weapon from other people but since prices will drop we shouldn't spend coins on other players only because we are in a hurry.
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