Ulfgard Campaign

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Anybody who plays the chinese server can confirm if this is really only for 7 days? It seems they had this event in May 2019 ( they messed up translating and only did it on 1 of the quests). For us it says November 6th - 13th.

Confirmed rewards so far are:
5 Nebula Dust Orbs
1 War Avatar Pack S
1 Glyph Pack lvl 2

Would be nice if they had this forever and not just a timed limited quest...


  • obielle
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    It seems to be only 7 days, partially because lore-wise the idea is to prepare to find Glacier City (or speed up preparations if I'm remembering translations correctly) so having it forever wouldn't make sense once the next expansion comes out.

    There are more rewards, a total of 5:
    • War Avatar Pack S x1
    • Nebula Dust Orb x5
    • Dark Ice Crystal x5
    • Barbaric Blood Crystal x8
    • Glyph Pack LV2 x1

    From what I could understand from PWCN patch notes, the player will get a quest with one of those rewards at random, but they can trash the quest and pick it up again for a different prize. It's probably limited because you don't need to be level 105 for it (still need to be celestial saint and at least 100+ for it), so it's more accessible to people and their alts.
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    ah, ty. Would be nice if they did keep it as a daily, or make something like it. Jade Dynasty had this quest for years (got gear items, exp etc) and it was made by the same developer. Maybe something else will happen once we get higher percent :).