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Loggin Issue HElP plz

Since yesterday that my character got disconnected every time i try to login game says the same This account is current logged in i log another account i has and in friend list i see my character logged never disconnect but im not there Q,Q.
I try like 20 times do force log from game screen but never log out my character i wait several hours and never disconnect so i dont know what else to do i send a ticket to support but no answer so far so i come here maybe im doing something wrong and there is a way to disconnect my toon so i can log in my pc again.


  • gluteusgluteus Posts: 30 Arc User
    Yes, this has become a problem for a while now. You have to go to task manager and delete arc and the element client and start over. The force log doesn't seem to be working correctly. So do control/alt/delete and bring up task manager and kill arc and the element client. Then wait for it to be down for sure and start over with logging on to ARC with the account you want. Hope this helps you.
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