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[MAINT] SERVER MAINTENANCE 10/29/19 (Complete)

heero200heero200 🇭elper 🇪xtraordinary 🐲💯Posts: 4,322 Community Moderator
edited November 2019 in Official Announcements
Please Feel Free to Update If needs Be. Please note this is not the Official Info and as such you should keep checking for updates. This post should only be used as a reminder for standard Maint Times and info.
Server Status Provided By @nrglg (Reload Page To Update)
Currently not working!
If there is maintenance tonight expect it to be the usual time unless any updates, from 11pm to 2am PDT.

Edit For Patch Notes Link Here. Or Assume for just a Server Restart / Minor Updates.
Maintenance is expected to last approximately 4 hours, so during that time you will not be able to access the live servers.
*Maintenance times are tentative and are subject to change at any time. Actual end times will vary depending on the progress of the maintenance.

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience.


Please see below dates for upcoming Time Zone Maintenance.

**Please note issues from the past may still be a problem unless we have an update during this time to correct the issue.

EU - October 26/27 (Complete)
US - November 2/3

Question for this week - A week has passed, So this week im asking. What do you like and dislike from this update

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  • obielleobielle PWpedia - Admin 🌹📚 Posts: 847 Community Moderator
    Quick reminder for everyone: The Arc Code O0Ket7rK will be expiring on November 1st! Make sure to redeem it! It contains:
    • War Avatar Chest: A x5
    • War Avatar Pack S x5
    • War Avatar Pack A x5
    • Ancient Gift x10
    • 100 Event Gold Ticket x1
    • War Front Warrior Supply Ticket x1
    • War Front Blessing Gift Box Ticket x1

    And to answer the question for this week...I don't really have much of an answer at the moment - overall I feel pretty neutral about it. I haven't really had time to stop and think about how I feel about all of the content. As far as the coin stuff goes, I'm pretty neutral about it too and just waiting to see how it plays out. I don't play a ton so I haven't been spending much money, but I'm hoping things will get cheaper so I can begin to work on upgrading my character a little more.
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
  • keshsamkeshsam Posts: 4 Arc User
    I love the fact that coin drops from most kills have been restored(to silver, at least, but still)

    ...it's the little things in life, y'know?
  • bananabanbanbananabanban Posts: 18 Arc User
    i can't get the server status to work, refresh doesn;t work, stuck on the 12th Ocotber... i mean whaaaaaaaaaat? me sad! :(
  • heero200heero200 🇭elper 🇪xtraordinary 🐲💯 Posts: 4,322 Community Moderator
    Servers are donw.
    i can't get the server status to work, refresh doesn;t work, stuck on the 12th Ocotber... i mean whaaaaaaaaaat? me sad! :(

    Yes its not been working for a while. I think ill remove it for now.

  • bananabanbanbananabanban Posts: 18 Arc User
    too bad, me sad, i am like a server status maniac refreshing every 3 seconds :( how will i get my fix?!

    I think the update is mostly great, i play Da and its come alive. I'm still very much undecided in relation to the new coins system, seems it needs time to truly know the full effects of it. There are a lot of ways to make coins still, i've been getting more (gold) coins than ever before from MBH. At the moment it seems a great way to get rid of jolly jones bots / spammers / coin sellers and get people actually farming together again, instead of jolly jones spamming with 485758395 alts.

    I'm confused as to why anyone thinks they need to buy g16? I never bought g16, i farmed TT, to make my TT99, then farmed NW (yes i was one shot a bazzillion trillion times, so what... you get points for taking damage and for dying, points = tokens, tokens is the goal, die as much as you possibly can and be happy about your epic pixel death!!), then farmed WS. It absolutely can be done. Yes its hard work+time but why play at all if you don't even want to actually, you now....... play? i do not get it.

    R9 yes, its outrageously hard to get but i believe 100% GST and MoG prices will massively drop in the next few months due to this new coins system, ultimately it should make things easier to get not harder. I think thats the theory, but will it work in practice.... who knows?!

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