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Some people really need to invest some time in this forum

Well, it started with this (in General Discussion) - and no, will not use names since that should be against forum rules:
So I asked the support team why the game is constantly freezing and they are trying to put the blame on the graphics card and not the fact that their game is not compatible with the damn card. I should also mention that I can't get past the server selection screen.
I have a AMD Radeon VII and that's a brand new card. Apparently its the card's fault and not the game's fault.
Two things here: (1) the qq about the support team not helping and (2) a problem with a new GFX card. For the first problem the one who started the topic he didn't need this Arc forum since we're all players. For the second issue he could have used the search option. I did it and yes, found answers. But let's continue. The first reply from someone was:
Here's a reply you're not going to like:
1). If your card is not compatible with the game, that's not their fault. They aren't going to modify their game just so ONE player can play their game.
2). You are insisting that they're wrong, their game is broken, your card is not. If that's the case, then don't play the game. They won't miss ONE player not playing their game. It is not their responsibility to "fix" the game just because you purchased the "wrong" card.
3). You are ONE person, they aren't going to put much effort to resolving your issue when everyone else can play it. My suggestion: do your own troubleshooting and ensure your settings fit. Unless it's affecting a significant amount of the player base, they couldn't care less about ONE person.
Lastly, remember, if you yourself say their game is not compatible with your card, why did you buy the card and why are you insisting they change their game so you don't feel like you wasted money on a card that doesn't work with this game.
It's a good answer however the one who started the discussion didn't want the answer:
I see that you are not very smart. You must be very dumb if you think I bought a new card just for one game and that I am the only person who has this card and tries to play this game. Also its not just that card.
It's wrong to blame someone who spend some time writing a comment but it's very wrong that the one who opened this discussion didn't want to search for the answer and doesn't know we're not involved in development and supporting a company, free of charge.So why this qq-discussion? Let's move on. Because I don't know if the discussion starter is a little kid that's pissed because the game doesn't work on his machine I tried to help him/her with a little hint:
Maybe even I'm a dumb person but have you ever tried to use Arc and search for your answer? If you did this thread wasn't needed. ;) Then again, if you are smart maybe posting this problem in the Support Desk section of this Arc forum can help (a bit). Damasticator was right but why the #### do we care?
Have fun.
Mmm.. first problem was the moderator? Why change my text? I'm sure you know the forum rules but since this is happening a lot I think it's better to get PWE involved to find someone who is better at his job; well... maybe I will do this next time. I wrote 'f...' and that isn't against the rules. But no problem mate, the next comment made me laugh:
Yes you are dumb. You clearly didn't read what I posted. I have a problem with the support desk and I'm just griping on General Discussion.
So the problem with support desk can't be solved by just contacting the support desk again and the General Discussion is used because the lack of a large amount of braincells? O well, next comment coming up (from someone else):
No, I am actually very smart. You see, I deal with people like you every day. People who think the problem is always anything and everything but their computers. It appears you desperately want to play this game...yet here you are talking smack about the people who could actually help you figure out your game issues...since you aren't smart enough to figure it out yourself. Next time, maybe instead of talking smack about tech support, make a post with the issues you're having along with screenshots of the error messages you get...and maybe, just maybe, someone will be nice enough to help you out.
I was thinking (almost) the same. Why help someone if no help is needed? A little bit of reading could have helped him/her while we could have spend time to actually help people in-game. Next comment was from a moderator:
OK this thread is coming off the rails.
Our team do not deal with this type of support. They are more of a publisher. Any hardware or technology issues will come down to the Dev team.
Please remember the forum rules. Going to close this tho as it's already past point of no return.
Was about to think some kind of alcohol was involved when writing the comment above. Before closing the topic the moderator should have moved the topic from General Discussion to Off-Topic Discussion. This didn't happen while the problem started with an issue between discussion-starter and customer support. Then there was the text 'remember the forum rules'. Well, then this discussion should have stopped right after commenting on the first comment. No need to blame people who are willing to help while the discussion wasn't even in the right place (Support Desk). But hey, why was my 'f...' deleted and not replaced by #### (like I did in this off-topic discussion)? It reminded me of someone who is willing to write on the Arc forum but is blocked for a long time now.

Well, it was fun to see there are unwritten rules. We all should read https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/pwi/#/categories/rules-of-conduct5 at least once but maybe it's better not to spend more time on the forum and help people who are actually play on 'our' server and leave people who are not willing to find an answer, don't like the answer from customer support and don't want to ask our friends - like Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo - for solutions in other games (that can also help games like PWI) alone.

Mmm, this time copied my text in case it is edited.


  • gas2016#5086 gas2016 Posts: 66 Arc User
    Oo.. and yes, this discussion can be closed since no comments are needed. But I would like to see opinions from people who are willing to help people via this forum.
  • heero200heero200 🇭elper 🇪xtraordinary 🐲💯 Posts: 4,322 Community Moderator
    Oo.. and yes, this discussion can be closed since no comments are needed. But I would like to see opinions from people who are willing to help people via this forum.

    If you have an issue with a action made, Please ask for me. Im Open to suggestions and feedback as I always have been in the past and wont change that.

    Ill check the Thread again.

  • heero200heero200 🇭elper 🇪xtraordinary 🐲💯 Posts: 4,322 Community Moderator
    edited September 2019
    The reason the thread was closed was because of the back and forth between players got past point. The issue was answered and their was back n forth of insults. To be fair it did not start off Great with the title.

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