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Darkmore again!

e1fingere1finger Posts: 43 Arc User
Hi peeps! After losing my brother and my comp going up in smoke, I pretty much had no choice but to deal with RL stuff. HOWEVA, I will be returning next month. Not sure if Nev will, she got a new supervisor position and holding things down. But will see yall soon in Sept sometime. Not lookin forward to dailies, but I am lookin forward to some action. Nev ordered a new mean machine for me. No more Celeron D 3.4 with 512 mb card. Yup thats what I was using all them years in pvp/tw/xtw etc. Imagine the change in my gameplay when I catch up sky levels and with a real machine! KABOOM! Yall thought I was trouble then imagine in the near future!

Hope I didnt lose my Dynamites or imma be homeless qq
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