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Perfect World Console

giancarlogenovesgiancarlogenoves Posts: 2 Arc User
Hello, I’ve been a member of perfect world for 10 years, and heard of a rumor that the game will be coming to Consoles- I want to offer my services/ Knowledge to the future community (if the rumors are true) I’d you need any help with testing, community management, server tests! I’m all in to help. I loved the game and can’t wait to play on my Xbox (If rumors are true of course)!

Who else would be excited!??


  • shopcheeseshopcheese Posts: 743 Arc User
    Just mobile version coming.
  • buurman#2138 buurman Posts: 5 Arc User
    [sarcasm] wow! interested in the help with testing, here is my login name and password [/sarcasm]

    Anyone who uses this forum could have read in the news there is a mobile version. By simply giving some answers in the pop-up in Arc that was shown not so long ago people could also get a redeem code however these codes are always (re)published in the forum, some shivtr-sites and 'faecesbook'.

    But to answer your question: No, I am not exited if this game could be played on consoles. Not even exited about the mobile version.
  • giancarlogenovesgiancarlogenoves Posts: 2 Arc User
    shopcheese wrote: »
    Just mobile version coming.

    That’s how BDO did it as well.
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